Shelley Ungerank

Shelley Ungerank

Sales Associate

About Shelley Ungerank

I am NOT just a real estate agent. This is a list of some of things I can do for you.


I can email you real time listings to meet your criteria so you will know when new homes hit the market or homes currently on the market now do a price reduction. This eliminates your task of looking for listings on your own.


I can set up showings for all listings not just my own….


I can explain loan options available and answer general credit issues then refer you to a lender to make sure your credit is on the right track to obtain the best possible interest rate for you.


I can help you obtain a home inspection and explain to you your rights as a buyer or seller.


I can help you compare homes that have already sold to make sure you are selling and buying at a fair market value.


Call me today for a free no obligation consultation.


Shelley Ungerank

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